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Regina Visca

Secretary 2017; Board member since 2016, Adjunct member (2014), member Nominating, Strategic Planning and Governance Committees

Regina Visca B. Eng., MBA, PhD candidate is administrative director of the McGill RUIS Centre of Expertise in Chronic Pain and is leading the development, implementation and evaluation of a hierarchical network of services from primary to tertiary level care for the management of chronic pain. She sits on various committees including the Ministry of Health to ensure that all mandates related to education, research and clinical care in chronic pain adhere to a patient-centred vision embedded in a provincial initiative.

Regina started her career managing the implementation and testing of the communications system for the Canadian Patrol Frigates for the Department of National Defense and subsequently worked in various fields including business consulting, brain imaging and the development of the electronic health record for Montreal hospitals.

She has worked with children suffering from autism and addiction and volunteered with the Concordia Alumni Association. Regina is the mother of Emma Dubroca (class of 2017).