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APPLY (4 steps)

4 Steps to APPLY to The Study

  1. Experience The Study! Connect with our Admissions Office by email admissions@thestudy.qc.ca to arrange a personal tour or request an information package.
  2. Complete our online application, and be sure to include the supporting documents. NOTE: The Study is accepting applications from mission-appropriate girls in all grades, regardless of eligibility standing.
  3. Interview and assessment; once we receive your daughter's application we will set up an interview and individualized assessment. All grade 7 applicants must write the Common Admissions Test (CAT) in October. You must register on-line for the CAT at www.inscriptionbl.ca. Students applying for grades 4-11 will spend the day as a Study girl!
  4. Welcome! Shortly after your daughter's interview and assessment you will be notified of your daughter's acceptance to The Study.

Questions, please contact Antonia Zannis, Deputy Head of School.

Antonia Zannis, BEd, MEd
Deputy Head of School
Tel: 514-935-9352 ext. 260