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(Class of '05) Majenta Whyte Potter-Mäl - Young Alumna Spotlight 2011

After graduating from The Study with the Class of 2005, Majenta attended Dawson’s First Choice Health Sciences program before being accepted to McGill’s Medical School. Currently in her third year and on the Principal's Academic Honour Roll, Majenta is in the midst of a year-long integrated clerkship in Gatineau, where she is traveling to different area hospitals.

In February 2010, Majenta shared her thoughts on her Study experience as well as her success since graduation:

What aspect of your Study experience best prepared you to achieve your long-term goals?
The variety of interests and topics that I had the opportunity to explore. By exposing us to so many different subjects and experiences, The Study gave me the opportunity to gain confidence in my abilities.

How important is it for The Study to prepare students with a strong multilingual skill set?
It is so important. Let me put it this way - if I had the opportunity to go back and redo my education at The Study, I would have taken more languages for sure. Only speaking two languages fluently can be a handicap, whereas nothing is lost from knowing three, four or more languages.

What advice do you most want to share with today’s Study girls?

When you leave The Study, things aren’t necessarily better or worse, but they are different. Remember that what you learned at The Study doesn’t stop being applicable when you walk out the door.


  • Current Medical School, McGill University (Principal’s Academic Honour Roll)
  • 2007 Dawson College (First Choice Health Sciences)