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(Class of '09) Jessica Magonet - Young Alumna Spotlight 2013 - The Sky is the Limit

After graduating in the ‘Sciences, lettres et arts’ program at Collège Jean-de Brébeuf, Jessica chose to study Law at McGill University because it allowed her to stay in the province and it appealed to her practical yet philosophical mind. At the moment, Jessica does not have a set career path; she can see herself as a lawyer, a politician, a professor, a librarian or a journalist.   What she does know for certain is she wants to write novels and live a multidisciplinary life.

In January 2013, Jessica shared her thoughts on her Study experience and learning beyond the classroom:

How important do you think it is for The Study to prepare its students to be innovative?  Being innovative is essential. I recall Ms. Liogas telling us the jobs most Kindergarten students today will eventually pursue, have not even been invented yet!

What specifically about your approach to your studies and co-curricular activities do you think makes you innovative?  I stay motivated, do what I love and try not to worry about where it will take me. I always try to have some grand-inspiring project happening in my life, whether writing a novel in a month or biking from Port Hardy to Iqaluit. I want my life to be one great adventure!

What aspect of your study experience most helped you prepare for your current path?  I gained a great deal of self-confidence and my passion for learning was cultivated at The Study. I felt supported as I explored different opportunities such as co-organizing an environmental conference (Green vs Greed: Poverty in a Perishing Planet), travelling to China for a Mandarin competition and learning to debate.

What is your favourite memory about your time at the study?  Sitting in the Library with Ms. Reingewirtz during Universal Class studying poetry, psychology and philosophy. Ms. Reingewirtz pointed at a chair and asked, “Girls, is this a chair? Or is it a mere representation of a real chair that exists in the world of ideas?” She then told us the story of Plato’s Cove. It was magical.