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(Class of '53) Judith Berlyn -
Peace Activist

Judith Berlyn ’53 has devoted the past twenty-five years to the peace movement, the abolition of nuclear weapons, environmental sustainability and grass-roots work for social change. Notably, as an activist, she has championed lobbying efforts that are fact-based, rigorously researched and professionally presented. Her leadership in this regard has contributed significantly to the integrity and esteem of the peace movement in Canada.

Judy has worked at community, national and international levels, having served on the Steering Committee of the Canadian Peace Alliance since 1987 and having attended the parallel NGO conference at the 1992 Rio Summit on the Environment and Development, where she was instrumental in drafting two of a series of highly-regarded People’s treaties. She has also worked with international NGOs at UN Headquarters in New York, in preparation for meetings on the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

Judy has taken many young women under her wing over the years, sharing her wisdom about key issues and strategies to influence politicians, the media and the general public; thereby providing generations of young women with tools to engage in the delicate art of political persuasion.
Judy is well known for fearlessly challenging the status quo with politicians, ambassadors and top government officials. In particular, she is respected for raising the ethical dimensions and human consequences of arms deployment.

Upon graduating from The Study, Judy earned a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Philosophy (1957) and a Bachelor of Library Science (1962), both from McGill University, and a Certificat en gestion des documents administratifs et des archives historiques (1991) from the Université du Québec à Montréal. She has worked as a professional librarian and archivist at McGill University and the Château Ramezay Museum. She is married to Robin Berlyn and has three adult children and three grandchildren.