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(Promotion 2004) Sherman Hung - Hands-on Design

Sherman has a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering, was awarded the 2011 Hydro-Québec Masters in Engineering Award for outstanding work at McGill University, as well as the NSERC-CREATE Integrate Sensor System Masters Scholarship. While completing her Bachelor degree, she received several academic acknowledgements: The J.W. McConnell Award and Robert D. Harris Memorial Scholarship (2008), and The Golden Key International Honour Society. Presently, Sherman is a Junior Mechanical Design Engineer at MDA, a global communications and information company.

In January 2014, Sherman shared her thoughts on arts and science and her Study experience.

Why did you choose your current academic and/or career path?  At school I liked math and sciences and together with my hands-on type of personality, I thought mechanical engineering was a good match despite not really knowing what it entailed. After several semesters of challenging team projects, I realized a career in engineering requires daily problem-solving and that’s exactly what I wanted to do!

How important do you think it is for The Study to prepare its students in science, math and technology as well as the arts?  Very important. The best outcome of any problem is often comprised of all these areas. In mechanical design, we always opt for the best functionality and performance (which is where math and science comes to play) but in many cases, we also want an aesthetically pleasing product (which is where having been exposed in the arts help in this aspect).

With respect to your education and current career, in what ways would you say that you combine creativity with engineering to innovate for the 21st century?  Due to the rapid changes in technology, engineers need to come up with creative solutions to reach the inherent demands. Many perceive engineering as just math and physics; however, without creativity and the ability to think outside the box, it would be difficult to generate innovative ideas to advance the technology of today.