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Instrumental music

The Study offers a comprehensive instrumental music program that seeks to develop independent, well-rounded musicians. The program features woodwind, brass and percussion instruments (guitar and bass guitar are offered as part of the jazz band program beginning in Grade 9).

Classes begin in Cycle 3 of the Elementary School and continue as options in the Senior School all the way to Grade 11. In Grades 9 to 11 a jazz band course is the featured option. Students perform at various assemblies and concerts during the school year, culminating in the Celebration of the Arts concert in May.

In 2009, The Study produced it's first ever instrumental CD, entitled "Journey", with the help of the Boutique de Son recording studio. There is also a vibrant Concert Band composed of girls from grades seven to eleven. This group rehearses after school on Friday afternoons and is in-part led by the senior students. In 2006 the Concert Band performed at the Heritage Music Festival in Boston, where they received a Bronze rating and were also given the Spirit of Boston Award. The Concert Band has received two Silver ratings at the New York City Heritage Festival in 2007 and 2010. In Spring 2011, the Concert Band received a Gold rating in the junior division at the Philadelphia Heritage Festival.

The Study also features a dynamic Senior School Choir, which is composed of girls from grades seven to eleven. The groups rehearses after school on Wednesday afternoons and sings a wide variety of jazz, broadway and contemporary tunes. The choir performs at various assemblies and concerts during the school year. The Senior Choir also took part in the first ever Montreal-wide "Glee Showdown", organized by the Just For Kids Foundation to help raise funds for the Montreal Children's Hospital. They also opened for the school's Andre-Philippe Gagnon Fundraiser in May 2012. The Study's Senior Choir, Concert Band and Senior Jazz Band all recieved a silver ranking at the 2014 New York City World Heritage Performance Festival. Their performances included numbers by Randall Standridge, Mac Huff, and a medley arranged by our own Olivia Charette'14. The girls went on to participate in a musical workshop at the Carroll Music Studio.

Vocal Music

Beginning in Kindergarten, students at The Study learn vocal music and get to experience the thrill of performing in front of others.

In the Elementary School, music classes help develop girls' vocal abilities (pitch and tone) and sense of rhythm. Guided by the music teacher, students progress from a physical awareness of rhythm and melody to an intellectual awareness of music notation.

Through practice and singing together in the Sonic Choir, they get early training in ensemble singing and experience the rewards of singing in a large group. In the Senior School, the focus shifts to instrumental music; but students can continue to study vocal music as an after-school activity.