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, April 5th

MakerSpace Madness!

The Study's state of the art MakerSpace lab is an inspiring places for our young makers to develop skills in design thinking, while using cutting edge tools. This year we are capitalizing on our community partnership with Playful Invention by doing a joint project with the grade 5 class. Students will have the opportunity to code artwork and then print the final project using our new laser printer!

Students, both in the elementary and senior school have access to the Makerspace. Students practice prototyping, woodworking, electronics, circuitry and robotics. They have access to a 3d printers, 3d scanner, saws, drill presses, various hand tools, ev3 and nxt robotic kits, arduinos, raspberry pis, multimeters, breadboards, soldering irons, supplies to create paper circuits and electronic textiles, littlebits circuits, makey makeys, pico boards as well as various switches, motors, and sensors.

Everything from architecture, robotics, electronics, programming and engineering is being taught in our Makerspace. It is the ultimate marriage of science, technology, engineering and the arts. It is a space where The Study fosters creativity and innovation in our students.