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, June 22nd

Nancy Sweer's Closing 2017 Message

Closing 2017 Message

Friday, June 16, 2017

By Nancy Sweer, Head of School

Members of the Board of Governors, staff and faculty, parents, students and graduates of the class of 2017.

Every spring, I look forward to reading our annual Trillium magazine. I enjoy looking at amazing photos of Study girls, past, present and future. I am proud to read about your accomplishments, your dreams, and how well The Study has supported you in the breadth and depth of your reach.

The quote on the cover of this year’s Trillium magazine says, “The Future is Bright”, and directly under the quote, we see an organic moment in time, a photo with Study girls smiling and laughing- portraying a “bright future”. In my mind, you portray great hope for the future, and that is why it is so very bright.

Looking at all of your beaming faces today, I feel the pride, emanating from parents,  grandparents,  teachers, staff members and all of the stakeholders in our Study community. I am moved by what I see- a beautiful landscape of hope.

Former President Barak Obama, in his recent speech to thousands of Montrealers, said, “When we lead with our hopes and not our fears, we are capable of doing things that other nations cannot or will not do.”

Hope is defined as an optimistic mindset, based on the expectation of a positive outcome.  Hope is part of what motivates every parent in this room to make the investment in your education. Hope is what inspires your teachers to help you achieve at your highest potential.  Hope is what drives our Study supporters to give of their time, their financial resources and their wisdom to a school in which they trust the result.

Hope is an ingredient, that when added to a recipe of courage, confidence and trust, yields an extraordinary result.

Nelson Mandela could not have survived 28 years in prison if he did not have hope. Arianna Grande could not have gone back to Manchester if she did not have hope. Thousands of citizens in the world would be able to return to the streets and continue to “business as usual”, if they did not have hope.

Hope is a combatant of fear. It squashes fear. Hope is what you see on the face of every athlete before the competition, on every surgeon before the operation, on every chef before the dinner, on every parent before the first baby steps, on every Study girl before the moment she takes up her pen to write, before she laces up her soccer cleats, before she plays the first note, sings the first song, dons her lab coat, or steps up to the microphone to lead.

Hope is a motivator- a guardian of the dream.

Girls, today you are leaving The Study with everything you need to move forward in the world, and to move the world forward. It is remarkable to look back on your exceptional achievements and to look forward towards an exciting and hopeful future.

As you begin your walk on the path of “bright futures”, hold on to the language of hope. It will keep you moving ahead, and reaching for your dream.

My hope for your success is unwavering.

All the best, girls.

Nancy Lewis Sweer, BA, MA
Head of School

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