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, May 2nd

Prestigous honour for Jeffrey Tory

  • Builders Award recipient Jeff Tory with daughters Annabel '06 and Olivia '11
  • Jeff Tory Builders Award recipient on right with Bill Molson Chair of The Study Foundation

This years 8th Annual Builder's Reception celebrated the many contributions of Jeffrey S.D. Tory. His continuous leadership, generosity and dedication has helped shape the school and left a permanent mark on life at The Study.

Jeff Tory, Vice Chair of The Study School Foundation and father to Jessica '00, Annabel '06  Olivia '11 and Robin '15, celebrated his 20th anniversary this year as a loyal member of the Foundation and committed and passionate supporter of the school and its mission.

Jeff's involvement at The Study began in the mid 1990s just as his daughter Jessica began her time at the school. It was not long before his keen interest in wanting to help preserve and develop what he quickly identified as a “world-class institution”, combined with his business acumen in the world of wealth management, that he became a vocal member of the Foundation.

Jeff rapidly rose to the occasion, bringing insight and ambition. In 2000, Jeff became Foundation Vice Chair, and continued to lead the Foundation through significant periods of growth during both tumultuous and prosperous economic times. More recently, during the school's quest for financial autonomy, Jeff has played a visionary role.