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Code of conduct

We, students and teachers of The Study, agree to uphold these principles so that all members of our community will flourish and grow.

Respect students and teachers alike. Respect the thoughts and feelings of others by remembering that each individual is unique. Respect learning. Respect school property and others' personal belongings.

Ensure equality among all students. Treat others fairly.

Show school spirit by participating enthusiastically in academic and sports activities.

Possess pride in your school and yourself. Wear the uniform correctly as a symbol of your pride. Let everything you do reflect your pride.

Enrich your education and benefit from school time by being punctual for class, having materials ready and making an honest effort to be attentive and do your best.

Consideration for others creates a more pleasant climate for everyone. Avoid gossip, arguments and excessive teasing.

Tradition, trust and truth have been, and always will be an important part of school; safeguard them.