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Four Houses give all girls a home

The Force 2018-2019

Grouping girls into the four Houses creates a kind of family within a family. In these smaller groups, girls can connect with others in the school who are both younger and older than themselves. Each girl’s efforts to help fellow classmates and teachers, as well as her individual academic achievements and participation in sports and in-school activities, credit her House with points.


Head Yang Han
Sub-Head Cayla Cohen
Sports Captain Amel Melanson


Head Ellen Kharlanov
Sub-Head Catriona Larouche
Sports Captain Emma Goucher


Head Éloise Valasek
Sub-Head Marcella da Silva
Sports Captain Ella Ivanovici


Head Sylvia Tan
Sub-Head Sandra Johnson
Sports Captain Julia Capolicchio

The House tradition is a distinctive characteristic of The Study community and has been a source of loyalty and pride throughout the school’s 99-year history. Each and every student, as well as each faculty and staff member, is assigned to one of the four Houses as soon as she enters the school.

Each house is named with Greek letters reflecting the initials of former head girls, four spirited students who are remembered for their outstanding contributions to the school during its early years.

  • Mu Gamma for Margaret Gordon, class of 1919;
  • Kappa Rho for Kathleen Rosamund, class of 1920;
  • Beta Lambda for Beatrice Lyman, class of 1922; and
  • Delta Beta for Dorothy Benson, class of 1923.

With each House having its own distinctive colours, mascot, flag and cheer, cooperation and school spirit are fostered among girls of all ages. One student described the house system as 'the ultimate example of school spirit” with monthly House Days and lively activities, organized by elected House leaders (known as The Force).